An extraordinary partnership

An extraordinary partnership

We believe that embracing various points of view and respecting diverse perspectives leads to better decisions.

Like a musical ensemble, we aspire to bring together different viewpoints and diverse perspectives to produce a powerful, unifying melody.

We are proud partner of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.

An exceptional humanitarian and artistic project, which brings together young musicians from across the Middle East, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding.
The orchestra is led by Maestro Daniel Barenboim who co-founded it together with Edward W. Said over 20 years ago.


West-Eastern Divan Orchestra 2022 Schedule
Following the circumstances of the last two years, Elbin Capital & Insurance are delighted to announce that we have a full schedule of concerts with the Orchestra planned for 2022.

Elbin Capital & Insurance will be joining the Divan 2022 concert schedule from May, in Munich, Brussels and Luxembourg, followed by summer concerts at the Salzburg Festspiele in Austria and Berlin, Waldbühne in Berlin.
For the Divan Orchestra’s full 2022 schedule click here
For a Richer Life
Passing the Baton
Handing-down knowledge to the next generation - whether about wealth or culture - is vital for the future. We speak to Michael Barenboim, concertmaster of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, and Kurt Van Den Bossche of Bruxelles, about the joy of music and having a holistic vision.
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Michael Barenboim